The Sokolov Story 11

Precisely six o’clock. Mr. Sokolov was home, but with flowers and a box with a tiny delicate bow. Marjorie, thinking she must be dreaming again, just stood in the opening room of their home. The room was large, but at this moment, she felt as though she were the only item in the room. “Freshen up! We are going to dinner.” Announced Mr. Sokolov.

After changing Sebastian’s clothes, Marjorie slipped into a little black dress, carefully re applied her lipstick, and gently pulled a few loose hairs behind her ear. At that very moment Mr. Sokolov approached her from behind and clasped the most beautiful diamond necklace around her neck. Handing her the box, he said: “Open it, there are matching earrings inside.”

Arriving at the restaurant, a restaurant you need reservations months in advance, valet parked the car and didn’t even stand two minutes inside before being seated. Moments later, the server approached with Marjorie’s favorite wine. Not the cheap wine she secretly drinks at home. In no time, without even ordering, they were being served course, after course, after course. Tending to Sebastian, Marjorie noticed her husband just staring at her with a smile she had not seen for quite a while, and out of nowhere: “Marjorie, you are a wonderful mother, and look absolutely beautiful.”

After dinner and arriving at home, Mr. Sokolov waited for Marjorie to bathe and put Sebastian to bed. He wasn’t sitting in his chair though. He was standing by the wine closet with two glasses of wine poured and the envelope from earlier in the evening. She slowly walked toward him, and the exact same way Viktor had in her dream, Mr. Sokolov pulled her close to his chest and just starred in her eyes. Kissing her forehead and releasing her from his embrace he handed Marjorie the envelope.

To be continued…

The Sokolov Story 10

The next morning after Mr. Sokolov left, Marjorie and Sebastian got ready for the day. After the park, grocery store, and lunch it was time for Sebastian’s nap. Still feeling upset from the night before, Marjorie decided to cuddle up on the sofa and add an entry to her journal. The phone rang twice and he answered: “Hello, I was expecting your call.” Without a chance to respond, “I will be at your house in five minutes.” and he hung up.

Sure enough, five minutes later Viktor was approaching the front door. Without allowing him to ring the doorbell, Marjorie opened the door and he walked in. This time was less awkward, she actually felt a feeling of relief. “Now tell me Marjorie, are you ok?” Studdering in response, “Yes, of course!” Good, but we must never speak on the phone again.” Puzzled, and thinking, why did you give me your number then? Marjorie responded, “Then how shall we speak?” Placing his index finger gently on her lips, Viktor responded, “Don’t worry about that right now.”

Offering him a drink they walked to the kitchen. Viktor right behind her made Marjorie nervous. She poured his drink and as she turned around he pulled her to his chest. The warm embrace she was imagining just yesterday was happening, right now, in the very kitchen that Marjorie prepared all of her family’s meals in. “Mommy! Mommy! I’m thirsty.” Startled awake from her dream, Marjorie sat up, running her hand over her forehead. I must have fell asleep.

To be continued…

The Sokolov Story 8

What a horrific nightmare. Catching her breath and walking back to the bedroom to brush her teeth and fetch her robe, Marjorie was relieved but puzzled by her own actions. Why would I call a complete stranger? Never mind. I need to get myself together. But the vision of Viktor’s face she could see so clearly and for a moment she imagined him holding her in a warm embrace. Oh, I must stop this foolishness.

After breakfast, Mr. Sokolov was out the door at exactly a quarter till eight but he forgot his briefcase. Never minding the idea to call him to make him aware, Marjorie quickly peaked inside. Looking for what? She didn’t know. Not seeing anything but papers something did catch her eye. Viktor’s card. The same card he gave her. Why would he keep this? Mr. Sokolov always saved important numbers in his phone. There was one more thing that looked odd. A net zipper compartment that was completely empty. Why would her husband utilize every space but that? Hearing the garage door open, she quickly closed it and went to wake Sebastian for the day. “Marjorie it’s me, I forgot my briefcase.” Mr. Sokolov shouted. “Ok dear. Have a wonderful day!” And the door slammed.

Later that day while Sebastian was napping, Marjorie was doing laundry and day dreaming when she happened upon a tiny, delicate, white sock with lace trim. It looked like a sock for a newborn baby. One that you would put on a baby girl with a beautiful little dress. Not having a baby girl, and never buying clothes for a girl, she is now stuck in another mystery. Why would a baby girl sock be in our dirty clothes? Setting it aside, Marjorie went about her day. Disturbed by her nightmare, was extra cautious not to get off schedule.

To be continued…

The Sokolov Story 7

Beep! Beep! Beep! The sound of the alarm awoke Marjorie from her peaceful sleep. But it was nine o’clock in the morning. She over slept by hours. How long had the alarm been going off? Jumping out of bed in a frantic, she ran to the kitchen hoping her husband had overslept as well. Feeling terrified of what she had done she stared at what looked to be an attempt to cook breakfast or a home invasion. Bacon flung about. Broken eggs on the counter, dripping onto the floor and broken dishes everywhere. Why didn’t he wake me? Sebastian! Marjorie ran to his room but he was nowhere to be found. Panicking, and afraid to call her husband she did it anyway. No answer. Marjorie brushed her teeth, threw on some clothes and rushed out the door. Sitting in her vehicle, continuing to call Mr. Sokolov, not knowing where to go, she began to cry.

Having no idea where they could be and no one to call, she remembered Viktor from the previous day and the card she had hidden. Marjorie turned off the vehicle and pulled the card out from the dryer sheets. Hands shaking and heart racing she dialed the number. No answer! Now terrified more than ever thinking to her self, I over slept, my son and husband are missing, and now I just called a stranger. What is happening to me? With no other option but to wait for someone to call her back, or call the police. Oh but calling the police for something like this would bring embarrassment to Mr. Sokolov. Still crying, Marjorie thought to herself, what kind of mother and wife have I become?

In the restroom, searching for her anxiety medication, which seemed to be missing as well, she fell into a full-blown panic. As she sat down on the toilet seat trying to calm herself all she could imagine was the worst. I have failed my husband and now I am no longer deserving of my family. I’m alone in this house with no one to care for, no one to talk to, and nowhere to go. Feeling short of breath… Beep! Beep! Beep! Marjorie turned off the alarm; not even looking at the time she jumped out of bed in a frantic and ran to the kitchen. Nothing was out-of-place.

To be continued…

The Sokolov Story 9

Sitting down at the table, while applying stamps to bills that must be mailed and deciding on what to cook for dinner; Marjorie drank a glass of wine and began thinking: In our almost ten years of marriage have I been so oblivious to my husband? Or has he created a secret life? I am sometimes afraid of him. Deciding to start a journal and setting her mind to figure out what he has been doing she made the following notes:

– briefcase

– office computer

– Viktor

– lace sock

Noticing the tiny calendar in the corner of the page. Our Anniversay! Mr. Sokolov hasn’t mentioned a trip. We always take a trip for our anniversary. Tapping her pen, trying to think of the perfect gift for her husband, all she could think about was Viktor. Who is he? Why did he feel the need to compliment me? Hope to see me soon? Why was I immediately attracted to him? 

At dinner, which was awkwardly more quiet than the normal quiet, Marjorie tried to start many different conversations with her husband. All of these unexplained recent events over the past few days, how she wished for someone to share her thoughts and feelings with. But at the same time scared of his reaction or what he would think. Deciding to take a chance and switch up their nightly routine, Marjorie allowed Sebastian to play and she simply left the dishes on the table. 

Mr. Sokolov of course carried out his normal, sitting in his chair under the dimmed lamp with a newspaper, and the news on the TV. Marjorie made a cup of tea and sat down on the sofa as well. She could barely hear the TV, the volume was so low. Moving around trying to get comfortable, accidentally knocked one of the throw pillows onto the floor. Out of nowhere, Mr. Sokolov stood up, grabbed the pillow and threw it in the other room. In a tone, so low, but loud he yelled: “Must you always be such a careless slob?” Slamming his office door, Marjorie’s eyes began to water. 

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The Sokolov Story 6

Feeling afraid and unsure now more than ever, Marjorie went back inside and quickly locked all the doors.  She rushed into the play room to check on her son. He was playing quietly just as she had left him. Who is that man and what language was he speaking? Was that the same language as the locked file on her husband’s computer and what is in his briefcase? Suddenly the doorbell rang. Startled, Marjorie walked towards the door and peeked out. It was that man. Quickly thinking of what her husband told her earlier, no need to let him in, just open the garage door. Oh I should have never gone into the garage. Thinking if she should call her husband or not, but also thinking that would expose the fact that she was in the garage, Marjorie decided to just open the door. He already knew she was there, and if he was a friend of her husband that would be rude not to acknowledge him at the door.

Slowly opening the door and without time to speak, the gentleman said: “Marjorie?” Slowly nodding her head yes, Marjorie was puzzled how this stranger knew her name.  Without time to answer he said while reaching out his hand to shake: “Viktor, it’s a pleasure Ms. Sokolov”.  Marjorie politely responded: “The pleasure is mine.”  “You’re probably wondering who I am and my reason for being at your home but you are a beautiful woman Marjorie, and I felt obligated to tell you.”  Marjorie felt herself blushing, and thanked the kind man. Offering him inside, he politely declined but handed her a card with his name and number on it.  Viktor said: “I must go now, but I’m glad to finally meet you! Hopefully we meet again soon!” and he was gone.

Today had sure been a day. Marjorie poured herself another glass of wine to clear her mind and began thinking of what she should prepare for dinner.  Offering Sebastian a quick snack and returning to the kitchen, she just held the card in her hand visualizing his face again. Not wanting her husband to find the card, Marjorie returned to the garage and tucked the card under the dryer sheets. Mr. Sokolov has probably never touched those a day in his life. The card should be safe there.

Precisely six o’clock, Mr. Sokolov was home and dinner was prepared as he had requested. Kissing his family hello he sat down and ate. Marjorie just stared at him, replaying all the recent events in her head and wondering who her husband really was. Not wanting to look as though something was bothering her, Marjorie quickly changed the subject. After dinner it was the typical evening routine. Marjorie cleaned the kitchen while her husband sat in his chair either watching TV or reading under the dimmed lamp. After bathing Sebastian and putting him down for the evening, Marjorie returned to the kitchen just as the door to his office was closing. Deciding to have just one more glass of wine, Marjorie got ready for bed and replayed the day’s events in her mind over and over until she fell asleep.

To be continued…